Certifications to support you

METAPHYSUCAL ANATOMY TECHNIQUE ™ ( MAT) Levels 1 & 2  with founder Evette Rose.
AURO SOMA ® foundation course .Level 1

  • The Journey® Intensive, and The Advanced SKills workshop.  Brandon Bay;
  • Access the Bars™ (of  Access Consciousness ® );
  • Access Consciousness Foundation class
  • Aura- Soma® Colour Care Consultant . Level 1 Foundation. Practitioner #60383;
  • Aura- Soma elective : 'Mother & Child - Old Souls in Young Bodies'   (with Alysea McArtney);
  • Aura-Soma elective : "Seven Steps to Transformation & Spriritual Alchemy with the Tree of Life and Aura- Soma® Parts 1 & 2" (with Alysea McArtney, Perth) ;
  • Oneness Awakening Deeksha Giver (Oneness University, India) ;
  • Direction Technique™ series : Healing the Soul Within™ ; How Group Thinking Affects Your Life ; Body Anatomy Series : The Endocrine Course™; Retraining the Virus;  DT Practioner's Training  (with founder Kartrina Jean Taylor, Perth);
  • Awakening The Illuminated Heart (ATIH) ® .  Drunvolo Melchizedek;
  • Melchizedek Method© Levels 1- 5 (with founder Alton Kamadon, Sydney);
  • Angelic Reiki®  L1 & 2 ,The New Shambala by Kevin Core (with co-founder Christine Core);
  • Usui Reiki L1 (with Elaine Grundy);
  • Golden Reiki practitioner and giver;
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu® (with Wayne Hackett) ;
  • The Star Reconnection with founder Marco Nieuwenhuize, Netherlands;
  • Dr Arcady Petrov's " Tree of Life" (with licensed instructor Dr Hazel Wardha) ;
  • Therapeutic Touch™, Angel Miracles, Isis Lotus Healing L1 (with founder Elizabeth Jenson).



ThetaHealing® Mission:  To change one person at a time and show everyone their true connection to Source energy. We aim to bring forward the best in all people.

Our Vision :  To em-power you to transform and discover the magnificent being that you are. Become one who can create the reality you desire.


How You See Yourself, Is Everything



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